After School Program

When the school bell rings, we’re there for your kids. We offer after-school programs at 22 Club sites across San Leandro and San Lorenzo for elementary and middle school youth to explore their interests in a fun, safe, fostering environment led by professional, trained staff.

Our Core After School Programming

Providing a great Club experience means we meet youth where they are and understand what they need to grow and succeed. We emphasize three key outcomes: Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles. These focus areas provide a platform for helping all kids build the skills and relationships needed to achieve a great future. 

Our Clubs have expertise in youth development and leverage that experience to better serve kids during out-of-school time. The road to great futures starts with our afterschool program. Here’s what an average day at any of our 22 Club sites looks like:

Power Hour

Whether through tutoring, homework help, or access to technology, our Clubs have an outstanding track record of helping our young people make academic strides. That’s why each day, we dedicate quiet time for our members to read, complete homework, and get help from our youth development team. 

Daily Enrichments

We provide various enrichment programs daily, from creative arts to gardening, coding, sports leagues, and more. We believe that by introducing our members to new activities and possibilities it fuels their passions, talents, and a love of learning.

Supper & Snack

In the important hours between when school gets out and dinner is served, we have an obligation to ensure the kids who spend this time with us develop healthy habits for life. That’s why we provide “supper” daily, where every child is served a nourishing snack. 

Healthy Lifestyles

From building self-esteem and confidence to providing activities, Clubs offer many ways for members to achieve social, emotional, and physical wellness. During Club hours, your child members run laps, mediate, join a yoga class, play soccer, basketball, four-square, or engage in other fun outdoor games. 

Good Character and Citizenship 

As youth are taught to be productive, caring, responsible citizens through high-quality programs and staff who model good behavior, they are more likely to carry these values when they leave the Club. In addition to fostering accountability, we also help young people develop leadership skills, a sense of civic duty, and an understanding of the value of giving back to their community. 

Waitlist registration for the 2023-2024 After-School Program is Now Open