2023 Summer Registration is closed

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro is excited to offer our BGCSL Summer Camp Programs for the Summer of 2023! Please see below to learn more about which camp programs are right for your child and how to register.  

Our camps are age-specific and offer youth activities which demonstrate and develop 21st century skills. Activities include structured games, sports, arts and crafts, team building activities, and fun!

Summer camp dates vary between June 20th – July 21st, 2023.

Elementary Summer Camp Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro are excited to offer engaging, and fun learning opportunities this summer for current K-5th grade students. Engaging students in high quality enrichment activities during summer will give students the boost they need to excel academically, socially, and beyond!

Program Details

San Leandro Unified School District members:

Summer camp dates are June 20th – July 21st

Schedule: Tentative 9 AM to 6 PM

Locations Include: Hillside Elementary

San Lorenzo Unified School District members:

2023 Dates:  TBD

Schedule: TBD

Locations Include: TBD

Middle School Summer Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro aims to offer Summer Camp Programs for middle school-aged youth currently in 6th-8th grade. 

Space is always limited.

Please contact our Clubhouse for space availability closer to the end of April at 510-483-5581.

Program Details

Whether it’s participating in themed activity weeks such as Science Slam, Multimedia Makers, Teen Chefs, and Future Leaders or making new friends and sharing new experiences, summer is a great way for teens to expand their horizons. Each weeks activities will be designed to develop skill building and to foster a supportive creative learning environment. We are thrilled to offer summer programming to our middle school teens and can’t wait to create an incredible summer experience for them!

Location: TBD


Cost: TBD


Summer Day Camps 2023 FAQ’s

To register for Summer Day Camps, you will first need to become a BGCSL member. 

Once you become a member, you will log in to your parent portal and choose a Summer Day Camp of your choice. 

Our user-friendly online platform will allow parents, legal guardians and caregivers to complete an application online at our website, www.bgcsl.org. Once you complete your Club membership application online, login personal credentials will be created so you can access your parent portal 24/7. If you do not have access to join via computer at home, you can also complete your application at our Clubhouse located at 2200 San Leandro Blvd. San Leandro.

There are no current fees related to becoming a BGCSL member. 

Pricing for camp modules differ per camp. Please see prices below: 

Summer Camps serving students currently enrolled in grades TK-6th: Weekly Fee of $150

Summer Camps serving students currently enrolled in grades 7th & 8th: Weekly Fee of $175

Summer Day Camps vary. Please see details below:


For students currently enrolled in TK-6th at SLUSD and SLZUSD schools

Camp Dates: June 20th-June 23rd, 2023  


(SLUSD) Jefferson Elementary School
14300 Bancroft Ave. San Leandro, CA 94577

(SLZUSD) Colonial Acres Elementary School
17115 Meekland Ave. Hayward, CA 94541

Grades: Students currently enrolled in TK-6  at a school in SLUSD or SLZUSD can register to participate 

Cost: Free   

Lunch is provided


Registration is now open!


For students currently enrolled in TK-6th 

Camp Dates:  (No Summer Day Camps on July 3rd & 4th)

June 26 – June 30 
July 5 – July 7 
July 10 – July 14    
July 17 – July 21 

Location: Jefferson Elementary (SLUSD) & Colonial Acres (SLZUSD) 

Grades: Students currently enrolled in TK-6 from any school district can register 

Cost: $150 per week   

Lunch is provided

Registration is now open!


For students currently enrolled in 7th-8th 

Camp Dates:  (No Summer Day Camps on July 3rd & 4th)

June 20 – June 23 
June 26 – June 30
July 5  -July 7 
July 10 – July 14    
July 17 – July 21 

Location: Jefferson Elementary (SLUSD) & Colonial Acres (SLZUSD) 

Grades: Students currently enrolled in 7th-8th from any school district can register 

Cost: $175 per week   

Lunch is provided

Registration is now open!


The hours for Boys & Girls Clubs Summer Day Camps will be starting at 8:00 AM and ending at 6:00 PM. 

Scholarships are determined on a case-by-case basis please contact us for additional information. 

For issues or support with our online registration process, email us at info@bgcsl.org.  

The Summer Day Camp Program Leads will contact parents once a space becomes available. Our goal is to provide access to as many youths as possible within our safety guidelines and staff-to-student ratios. Registration priority will be given to foster youth, unhoused students, and students facing special circumstances.  

Our online Summer Day Camp registration system generates a waitlist when a program is full. If there is no availability within the Summer Day Camp, the registration system will keep families updated via the email used for registration with the waitlist status and next steps. 

Yes, snacks are provided every day. If your child has allergic reactions to certain foods, we ask that you please notify the staff of those allergies by indicating them on the membership application in the registration process online/paper. If your child(ren) needs more snacks than the program provides, please provide your child(ren) with additional healthy (no candy or soda) snacks. Every Summer Day Camp welcomes donations of healthy snacks.  

LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED during Summer Day Camp.

While members in elementary grades (TK-5th) are not permitted to sign themselves out of Summer Day Camps. Parents or legal guardians of members in Grades 6th-8th must complete a walk-home permission form for members in middle school to be able to sign themselves out. 

Transportation is not provided during Summer Day Camps.

Safety is our number one priority. Therefore, the Summer Day Camp staff takes the safety of every child very seriously. Please review our safety policies in our Summer Day Camps parent handbook. If you have any additional questions about our safety policies, please contact 510-483-5581 or visit our website at www.bgcsl.org

Students receiving special services are welcome to register for all programs. Please let us know how to best support your student to succeed in the programs via email, text, online program registration/form, or schedule a meeting with a staff member 

Staff will immediately attempt to reach a sick or injured child’s primary contact. If a primary contact cannot be reached additional contacts on the emergency contact list will be called. Depending on the severity of the illness or injury, Summer Day Camp staff may also call 911 if necessary. 

Most Exciting and Fun Summer Day Camp Ever!

Parents can designate any number of adults authorized to sign their child(ren) out of the Summer Day Camps. Please bear in mind that by placing an adult on your list of authorized pickups you are indicating that it is acceptable to release your child to this individual without phone verification. Parents may always review their list of authorized pickups by contacting the site’s Lead or Program Director. 

While we encourage all members to participate in the full-day camp programming there are no required pick-up or drop-off times. Please note that all members must be picked up no later than 6: pm 

Program Staff will not dispense any medication to children; however, if your child has a condition that requires medication during summer day camps, please contact the Program Lead to discuss the specific circumstances to best determine how your child’s medication needs may be met. Summer Day Camp staff MUST be notified and alerted to any medical condition upon enrollment.  

Yes. Our TK-5, middle school, and high school programs are run separately. Students are also separated by grade within the day camps. There is occasional overlap at times, however, students are generally placed in groups with peers close to their age. 

Academic Success programming aims to provide Club members with educational experiences that create a love of learning.   

Summer Brain Gain is comprised of one-week modules with fun, themed activities for elementary school, middle school and high school students that are aligned with common core anchor standards.  
Health & Wellness Programming encourages Club members to adopt healthy eating habits, practice good decision-making, develop healthy relationships, and make a lifelong commitment to physical fitness.  
Character & Citizenship Programming focuses on cultivating good character and leadership skills and offers Club members the opportunity to give back to their community through service projects.  
Athletic Programming develops valuable life skills while making new friends and gaining confidence in their ability to meet challenges. At all skill levels, our youth athletics programs foster teamwork, participation, fairness, and positive social skills in a fun, safe, and supportive atmosphere.  
Arts Programming allows all youth to access imagination and creativity to express themselves and build connections with others in their community. The Arts programs, experiences, and initiatives include visual, digital, performing, and applied arts.  

Water donations and healthy snacks for our Summer Day Camps are always welcome. If you wish to make a cash donation, please visit our website www.bgcsl.org and click on the DONATE button or mail a check payable to: 

San Leandro Boys & Girls Clubs 2200 San Leandro Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577 

If you have a concern about one of our staff or our program, you are encouraged first to discuss the situation with the Summer Day Camp Program Lead. You may also follow up with the Boys and Girls Clubs Directors of Expanded Learning Programs: Consuelo Zuluaga (SLUSD) consuelo@bgcsl.org.

Please email us at info@bgcsl.org.  or use the chat box on our www.bgcsl.org  

For 75+ years, our San Leandro Boys & Girls Clubs camps have been a core summer experience for our children. As time has passed, we have stayed true to the same principals …lots of imagination, fun, terrific staff, a strong sense of belonging and a safe and supportive environment where our young people can thrive.

For you as a caregiver, having chosen San Leandro Boys and Girls Clubs Summer Camp means knowing that for at least four weeks of the summer, a caring team of Youth Development Professionals will be investing their time, talent and experience into your child. Our staff will be taking the time to get to know your child, welcoming your camper by name and ensuring they are connecting with other campers and the rest of the team while having the Best Summer Ever.     

BGCSL has always worked in partnership with San Leandro and San Lorenzo School Districts during our summers using their schools as our facilities to host our summer programs.

Safe & Supportive Environment
Fun & Sense of Belonging
Supportive Relationships with Peers & Adults
Opportunities & Expectations


The application to register is available now. Please fill out one electronic application form per child. Please select your child’s home school on the application as listed. If it is not listed, please select a preference. We will do our best to accommodate your request but may need to place your child at a site with available space. Once the application is submitted, you will receive an electronic response, along with a copy of the information you submitted. Please continue to check your email for confirmation of summer camp location, and acceptance into the program. Additional information and paperwork will be needed, as location details are finalized, and your child’s placement has been confirmed.

For registration questions, please contact …

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Summer Camps

Looking for something fun to do this summer? The San Leandro Boys and Girls Clubs has partnered with locally trusted programs across San Leandro and San Lorenzo to provide summer enrichment camps to elementary and middle schoolers. Summer programs are free of cost to our SLUSD & SLZUSD members.

After School

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Teen Center

With programs designed for the leaders of tomorrow, San Leandro Boys and Girls Clubs offers a wide range of activities for teens and young adults ages 13-18. From Academic enrichment and college prep to STEM activities and sports, we strive to provide meaningful experiences for our teen club members.

School Year Day Camp

San Leandro Boys and Girls Clubs offers Drop In services for non federal holidays including Thanksgiving, Veterans day, Teach In Service days, MLK day and more! Please refer to our Organization Calendar for exact dates.

Club Sports & Recreation Programs

Part of the San Leandro Boys & Girls Club mission is to help our youth develop healthy habits through physical activity and sports. Our programs support kids of all ages in the development of interpersonal skills, physical fitness, stress reduction and promote a positive use of leisure time.