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Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro offers school-based Expanded Learning After-School Programs, school year day camps, summer camps, and a year-round teen center known as THE CLUB. We currently offer Expanded Learning Programs at 17 elementary and five middle schools across San Leandro and San Lorenzo. Enrollment for grant-funded programs may be limited or prioritized for qualifying families. We also offer a teen program for high school students at our Clubhouse; more information on THE CLUB can be foundhere. 

Program structures vary by site. All programs have common core components, including snack/supper time, physical activity, academic support, enrichment activities, and time to collaborate with peers.

After-school programs are held on the same campus where your child attends school. Click here for a complete list of school sites.

The ratio is 1:10 for TK and kinder members and 1:20 for grades 1st through 8th.

Yes. Our TK-K-5, and middle school programs are run separately. Students are also separated by grade within the program. There is occasional overlap at times; however, students are generally placed in groups with peers close to their age.

Yes, your child will have the same Youth Development Professional (YDP).

Yes, snacks are provided every day. If your child has allergic reactions to certain foods, we ask that you please notify the staff of those allergies by indicating them on the membership application in the registration process online. If your child(ren) needs more snacks than the program provides, please provide your child(ren) with additional healthy (no candy or soda) snacks. Every program welcomes donations of healthy snacks.

Our school-based programs are free. Funding for the expanded learning program is provided by Senate Bill 129, and Assembly Bill (AB) 130. The purpose of these funds is for school districts to offer expanded learning programs for grades TK-8th grade during after-school hours. Middle school grade offerings may vary at each school site. Please check with your Program Director for specific grades offered.

Children can only attend the program at the school where they are enrolled. There are no programs located on-site at high schools. Teen programming occurs at our main Clubhouse at 2200 San Leandro Blvd., in San Leandro. 

Boys & Girls Clubs programming starts after school and ends at 6 p.m. Children must be signed out by a parent or caregiver by 6 p.m. Middle school parents/caregivers can fill out a walk-home waiver. This allows the student to self-sign out of the program and walk home. Program start time will always align with the early release/TK-Kinder schedule per school site. 

Attendance requirements vary by site and funding sources. We encourage all students in our programs to attend Monday- Friday from school dismissal until 6 p.m. If your child needs to be picked up early, please contact the Program Director for information on the early release process. 

To apply, first-time members must become Club members, and existing members must renew their membership. Once you receive a welcome email regarding your membership, you can apply for the after-school program at your child’s school. After you have finished the application process, you will receive an email confirming your application has been successfully submitted.A final confirmation of your child’s registration into the after-school program will be issued within 5 days of your application submission through June 1, and within 10 days after this date.  

Take a look at ourregistration guidefor step-by-step instructions. Instructions are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.  

If you do not have access to join via computer at home, you can also complete your application at our Clubhouse, located at 2200 San Leandro Blvd. San Leandro or call 510-483-5581. 

  • All returning Club members and new transitional kindergarten families may submit their application starting at 7 p.m. on May 8, 2024. Apply by May 31. 
  • New families with children in kindergarten to eighth grade may apply starting at 7 p.m. on June 3, 2024. Apply ASAP. 



The school-site Program Director will contact parents/caregivers if space becomes available. Placement priority will align with the requirements outlined by our funding sources.  

Yes. Parents are required to renew their child’s BGCSL membership annually and register for the Expanded Learning AfterSchool Program each academic year.  

Yes, special accommodations may be provided.

We offer full-day programming during summer break and some school holidays. Enrollment for these camps varies, if interested, you should contact your school site Program Director.

We follow safety guidelines set by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Click here to read our complete policy.  Safety is our number one priority. Therefore, the BGCSL staff takes the safety of every child very seriously. Please review our safety policies in our expanded learning parent handbook. If you have any additional questions about our safety policies, please contact your site Program Director or visit our website www/

Program Staff will not dispense any medication to children; however, if your child has a condition that requires medication during the program, please contact the Program Director to discuss the specific circumstances to best determine how your child’s medication needs may be met. Expanded Learning Program staff MUST be notified and alerted to any medical condition upon enrollment.

If you are concerned about one of our staff or our program, you are encouraged to discuss the situation with the site’s Program Director. You may also follow up with the Director of Expanded Learning, Samantha Jeandebien at or Chief Programs Director Marshall Lott at

Members must be picked up from camp by 6 p.m. If you know you will be late, please contact your school site’s Program Director immediately. After the first warning, a late fee may apply. 

Do you have more questions?

Please email us at  or use the chat box on our

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