Klaudia Hermosillo

Administrative Manager

Klaudia Hermosillo joined our BGCSL team in December 2018 as our new Office Manager. Klaudia brings close to a decade of administrative experience in the Expanded Learning Field working in and around the state of California. Klaudia brings a high degree of expertise in analytics, logistics, metrics and data collection, organizational development, systems policies and procedures, staff training and more from both her Expanded Learning background and Stanford University Hospital as well as her business experience with the Ford Motor Company. Klaudia has been able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of her ever-changing role in BGCSL. Klaudia has also been a bi-lingual interpreter serving as a primary liaison with parents at TutorWorks and non-English speaking patients at Stanford Hospital. Klaudia grew up on the Peninsula attending after school programming herself as a child and later worked as an Administrator for that same program. She understands personally the benefits of providing a quality after school program and knows the opportunities it can provide to a young person’s growth!

In addition to her duties as an Office Manager, Klaudia has also participated in our San Leandro Leadership Class, to which she became Class of 2020 graduation speaker and enjoys playing tennis with family members and old teammates.



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