KinderCare Registration

KinderCare Registration


End of School to 6pm, Monday through Friday

After School KinderCare

We are excited to start the 2021-2022 school year.  As a team, we are looking forward to providing daily support to all students. During these unprecedented times, the mission plays such a vital role in the way we run programs, safety that proceeds it, and how we continue to strengthen the community.

Building a positive and safe environment is at the forefront of that mission. To achieve this, we must ensure staff are trained, capable, and present. Unfortunately, due to limited staffing we are not able to start KinderCare at all our sites on Wednesday, August 18th, 2021, except for Washington Elementary

What does that mean for you and your student? 

It means, although registered for the program, your students must be picked up immediately after school from their day teacher school end.

When will the KinderCare Program start?

The actual start date is tentative and staggered based on staffing. The goal is to have a staff member available within the next couple of weeks or sooner.

But I’ve already paid… What about a refund?

We will not give parents a refund unless they desire to remove their student from the program completely. As of now, all students are registered and able to start pending a staff member. Parents will not be charged any additional fees during the time prior to program tentative start date.

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions or concerns?

Simeon Diaz, Jefferson Program Director: 510-856-6243

Ozzy Alcala, McKinley Program Director: 510-856-6722

Tamara Brelland, Monroe Program Director: 510-856-6244

Maya Yarbough, Washington Program Director: 510-856-6611

Sen Saechao, Wilson Program Director: 510-856-6258

Additional Administrative Support

Klaudia Hermosillo, Administrative Manager: 510-483-5581

Akin Joseph, Chief Operating Officer: 510-483-5581

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any further clarification.


Monthly Cost: $325

Registration is currently paused

Update by school as of 8-26-21 below:

Jefferson KinderCare: No start date yet

McKinley KinderCare: Will start Sept 7th

Monroe KinderCare: No start date yet

Washington KinderCare: Started on Aug 18th, limited spaces.

Wilson KinderCare: No start date yet

We accept Subsidizes programs: 4C’s and Davis St, please contact Office Manager for more information


Contact for More Info

or call (510) 483-5581