You are our Past and our Future.
You are Family.

We were with you at the beginning of your life’s journey. We would like to welcome you back and learn where that journey has taken you!
Tell us! How did the Club help you? Where did the friendships you make, skills you learned and fun you had take you in life. Just like you, our kids need support and guidance.

Remember your coach, your teacher and how a kind word or showing you how to do something made all the difference? Your kind word, your heart and talents could help give a kid today — just the support he or she needs at the right moment.

The next chapter in our life starts with your stories.

Let us hear from you!

Arthur Renowitzky, a Club alumnus, founded the Life Goes On Foundation (LGO) in 2008 with a mission to help people overcome challenges by spreading a positive message through a a speaker series, hospital care packages, adaptive sports and an initiative for spinal cord injury awareness to find a cure. LGOF provides SCI survivors and their families with support to aide in the life-long process towards recovery.

Ivan Cornelius attended the San Leandro Boys Club in the 1950s. He made life long friends at the Club, went on to graduate U.C. Berkeley and has had a successful career in real estate. Ivan is a Legacy Board Member having served 25+ years. He is committed to giving youth today and in the future the opportunities he had back in the day with the Club.

Keenan Miller
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball at Chabot Community College


The Club taught me organization and discipline through the various activities we did. We had to be respectful to our peers but also to the equipment we were using whether that was doing arts and ceramics or woodshop. For me, it gave me structure and I had really good people there mentoring me. I remember my woodshop teacher who would always take the time to help me learn. I still stay in touch with Ed Hawkins my basketball coach after all these years, that’s how important his influence was on me.

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Tell us about your story since leaving the club's after school program
Tell us about your story since leaving the club's after school program